5 Apr 2019

Should I call my insurance after an accident

This is a question that is one of your first thoughts after an accident only after making sure everyone is OK.

Most people think they know the answer to this, “Of course, i would call my insurance company and tell them what happened so they can handle everything”

Unfortunately, this is not always the best answer. What people don’t realize is when you’re in an automobile accident there are a few ways you can handle it. We all know that when we put a claim in and it’s our fault that our insurance premiums usually go up. How much? No one outside the insurance company itself exactly knows and this is what you need to weigh out.

I will go through a few scenarios to paint a clearer picture.

Someone in front of you is stopped at stop sign and you rear end them. This is clearly your fault, even if “your brakes didn’t work” you will almost 100% of time be held liable for a situation like this. So in this situation what should you do? First thing is first, make sure everyone is OK.

After that the first thing that should be done after and accident is to take a picture of the other persons insurance card, ID and license plate. In the situation you will call your insurance company especially if there’s extensive damage. You will give a statement and both vehicles if both repaired will go under one claim number.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they hit someone and the other person is already putting a claim in on their insurance making them hesitant to add to the bill with their own vehicle. This is just not the case in most situations. Both parties will fall under the at fault insurance and usually is the same claim. This will normally not raise your insurance anymore than it it will fixing the person hit in the back. Just think MY FAULT, MY INSURANCE

OK, so now we’re in a scenario where you are the person at the stop sign. In most cases not calling your insurance company is the better way to go. Why? Because you don’t legally have to. Even though it wasn’t your fault and it seems easier to let your insurance company handle the claim, in most cases it still raises some flags. What do i mean? Well if you report your accident to your insurance it still makes a mark on your insurance. Your insurance may not go up but there’s a possibility that because they’re aware it will affect your risk assessment with the company. Just think NOT MY FAULT, NOT MY INSURANCE.

Now for the kicker. If your car is drivable and your damages are possibly under your deductible (COPAY). Should I put in a claim. The answer is almost always no. There is no reason to put in a claim for something you will be paying 100% for anyway.

The biggest thing to take away from all of this is there is no clear answer. You should always consult your auto body repair shop first, because everything isn’t as cut and dry as they seem. Find someone you trust in the industry and give them a call. Information is free.

Lastly drive safe out there!