5 Apr 2019

Do I need the extra insurance when I rent a car?

So, do you need the extra insurance every car rental place tries to sell you? Well that depends. In most states and policies your car insurance that you have on your personal vehicle covers your rental. There’s actually a few different ways you can be covered and you don’t know it.

  • Credit Card- Sometimes depending on your credit card company, if you rent the vehicle with the card they will cover your car insurance. (Please confirm with your credit card company prior to renting)
  • If you have full coverage on your vehicle and enough liability to cover all damages to the vehicle you’re renting.
  • If you’re a wild man! Throwing caution to the wind, it’s not like you’re obliged to get coverage (at least in New York), but do realize if you’re in an accident more than likely you will be fitting the full bill. Including a total loss which could amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

The best ways to see if you need rental insurance is to check in with both, your insurance agent and credit card company. Remember that rental companies are in business to make money and they will sell you on anything they can. Most rental houses hire people on sale incentives and you guessed it, extra insurance is one of those ways to boost their numbers.

Drive safe out there!