5 Apr 2019

Can I wax or wash my car after it’s been painted?

Yes, most modern refinishes are cured when they come out of the oven. The oven? Yep! Auto Body Shops are equipped with car sized ovens! No, not for giant cookies though that’s not a bad idea.

The materials that are used to paint your vehicle are actually cured when heated at a certain temperature for a certain amount of time. When the vehicle comes out of the booth it may feel “tacky” but should be a workable surface immediately including wet sand and polish.

So if you just picked up your vehicle after it has been painted or repair it’s safe to say you can wash and wax it at your leisure. No shop should give you a vehicle back that can not be. If they say you can’t wash or wax it for any period of time, most likely they’re either using inferior techniques or products.

Not all paint is created equal, so make sure you ask questions about quality when getting your car repaired.

Drive safe out there!